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Part 4 in the Souvenirs De Trance series. After UK, Holland & Belgium, it’s time for a focus on Germany with labels such as Superstition, Harthouse, MFS to Time Unlimited.

  1. Progressive Attack: Hypnoticharmony (Harthouse)
  2. Hardfloor: Mahogany Roots (Work rmx) (Harthouse)
  3. Nostrum: Acicition
  4. Dance 2 Trance:Take A Free Fall Beyond The Stars (Paul Van Dyk rmx)
  5. _|_
  6. BR004
  7. Taucher: Miracle
  8. Cosmic Baby: Oh Supergirl
  9. The Visions of Shiva: Perfect Day
  10. Hardfloor: Mr Anderson
  11. BR005
  12. Hersprung
  13. Humate: Love Stimulation (Paul Van Dyk rmx) (MFS)