On air from 20h till 21h

Expect the latest house & disco releases with a slow bpm vibe and of course some classics too.

  1. System Olympia: Mi Dimentico (Okay Nature)
  2. Daniel Sofer: Dewdrops
  3. Nice Girl: e-e-e (Public Possession)
  4. Apiento: Down That Road (dub)
  5. Digital Distorion: Mellow Bug
  6. Silver Leaf: Hey! (Emotional Rescue)
  7. Ghost Essembly: I Miss Your Love (Ruf Kutz)
  8. LFO: LFO (Warp)
  9. Kamasutra: Running Away
  10. Hiroyuki Namba: Who Done it
  11. Apiento: Those Buys Circuits (LIXTP)
  12. Nu Era: Pisces (SSR)
  13. Link: Archetype Archedian (Warp)