On air from 22h till 23h15

Texture Radio host & veteran dj Fred Nasen takes it back to the early ’90’s with Belgian trance only.

  1. Cj Bolland: Camarque (R&S Records)
  2. Astrospider vs Kelvin: Metal (Wonka)
  3. Secret Combination: Ultra Vista (Yeti)
  4. Blue Minds: The Beginning
  5. Digital Excitation: Lifetime Warranty
  6. Aphropitch: Wallflower (X-stream)
  7. Pacific Trance: Pacific (Diki)
  8. Frank De Wulf: People in Motion
  9. Phi-Phi & Greg D:  white (Bonzai Trance Progressive)
  10. TZ9
  11. Natural Born Grooves: Forerunner (NBG)
  12. Le Park: Litchies
  13. Act Two: Don’t You Go Away (Circus)
  14. Cj Bolland: Mantra (R&S Records)
  15. The Mackenzie: Higher in The Sky
  16. Fred Nasen: Landcruising (Visitor Records)