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Fred Nasen (label owner of Visitor Records) takes us back between 2000 & 2006 with a selection of favourite Visitor Records releases.

From Eddie Richards, Grant Dell to Affie Yusuf.

The label will get a full digital release for the first time on 18.03.2022

  1. Lilac Road Productions: True Housingfuck 
  2. Osmosis: Infatuation 
  3. Grant Dell: We Go Deep 
  4. Asad Rizvi: Smiling At The Sun 
  5. Ravi Mcarthur: Drug is The Love 
  6. Kinky Joe: Dusty Parts 
  7. Smithmonger: Love What You Feel
  8. Primary Sequence ft Tempo O’Neill: Total Control 
  9. Eddie Richards: The Dark 
  10. Zorro: Orgasm
  11. Fred Nasen: Get Down 
  12. Tom Gillieron: Liberties 
  13. Big Ben’s Hairy Bicycle (Impossible Beings rmx)
  14. Pop Out & Play: Share It With The Class (Rozzo remix)
  15. Fred Nasen: Sunday Visitor