On air from 17h till 18h30

OORtreders festival programmer Frederic Van de Velde made an introductory teaser mix, a sonic compilation of what’s to be discovered during the festival.

OORtreders Festival is a 3-day happening for art and sound, at a unique location in the middle of the forests of North Limburg. Visitors and artists both local and from abroad come together with a shared focus on sound and music. A sense of experimentation and adventure is a must here. This fourth edition, subtitled ‘Sound in times of fluidity’, reflects on a society where almost everything is in flux and refuses to become consistent. Throughout the programme, various themes are explored at the intersection between ecology and society, with sound as the primary medium.

The festival programme includes concerts and performances, talks, and an expo-route with sound installations that can be experienced in- as well as outdoors.


OORtreders Festival invites encounters that cross artistic boundaries and preconceptions. Together with a diverse group of critical voices, we explore the relationship between people, nature, society and space through sound, music and performance. In a fluid world that is constantly in motion, sound travels like waves through the air we breathe. The programme reflects on the state of the world today, and looks for alternative perspectives and possible futures.

The festival consists of three main parts: a live programme with music and sound performances, an indoor & outdoor expo-route, and a series of screenings, symposia, listening sessions, radio, labs and showcases that are connected to the festival theme.

  1. Jean-Yves Bosseur – Musiques Vertes (Excerpt) 
  2. Albert Mayr – Drop Studies (Excerpt) 
  3. AMET (Elsa MBala) – Erinnerung Süssauer 
  4. Lydia Lunch & Mia Zabelka – Cellular Resonance 1 
  5. Joost Van Duppen – Pasila 
  6. Cathy van Eck – Wings [m score] (Excerpt) 
  7. Méryll Ampe – H 
  8. Frederik Croene – Chronesthesia, July 2012, Naples -Italy 
  9. Donika Rudi – Echoes of the Crying Earth 
  10. Anne van de Star – Synthetic Strings 
  11. Stijn Demeulenaere – Oortreders 
  12. Alvin Lucier – Bird and Person Dyning (Excerpt)

OORtreders Festival 2022

Sound in times of fluidity


Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof (BE)

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