On air from 20h till 22h

A spin-off project from one of our WAV residents. Expect undiscovered jazzy grooves, afrobeat & cosmic funk

  1. Kool & the Gang-Funky Stuff
  2. J.R. Funk And The Love Machine-Feel Good, Party Time (Instrumental)
  3. Jimmy Ross-First True Love Affair
  4. Wolf -Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone
  5. Harry Thumann-Underwater
  6. Cosmic Hoffmann-Spacedisco (Cosmic Hoffmann Edit)
  7. Zenobia-In the Night (Dub version)
  8. Big Ben Tribe-Heroes
  9. Gino Soccio -Les Visiteurs
  10. Grant Green-Ain’t It Funky Now
  11. Lafayette Afro Rock Band, the-Hihache
  12. Fatback Band, the-Going To See My Baby
  13. Kash-Percussion Sundance
  14. Cloud One-Patty Duke (Instrumental)
  15. Pamela Joy-Think Fast (Instrumental)
  16. Tech and the EFFX-Kabuki
  17. Iron Horse, the-Poppin’ Wheels
  18. Gerardo Frisina-Heading for what I know
  19. Sorcerers, the-Escape From The Catacombs
  20. Preston Love-Chili Mac
  21. Brian Bennett-Solstice
  22. Max Raffeng-San Andres
  23. Mighty Bop, the-Variations Sur Le Theme D’une Rencontre
  24. Louis Fontana-In Motion
  25. Preston Epps-Afro-Mania
  26. Larry Manteca-Zombie Mandingo