On air from 19H till 23H

L’ esprit du quartier is a hangout between good friends Deejay Backstabber & Mogus. Guided by a random theme, each show is a sweet sounding potluck of unsung voices and unexpected songs. 

It’s all about having fun. #YOLO

The last show of the season before the summer break we go live at the Bosbar!


For the first time live in Belgium. Expect authentic, passionate and emotional latin music!

L.O. BART (live)

L.O. Bart is a big enthousiast of control Voltage. His eurorack synth, his loyal companion, will acompany him specially for this occasion! His live set are full with 90’s sound with a modern twist! Sounds that will make you long for intimate nights in a dark club.




Deejay Backstabber will take you on a musical safari. Relax on some Garifuna songs, Shake your booty on Kurdish tunes, wine down low with some new African beats. Break out your Bollywood&Nollywood moves / Impress with your hips on some Cumbia. Modern music from the streets

MOGUS (dj)

Mogus has been DJ’ing for over a decade. Expect a wide spectrum of electronic music, ranging from moody atmospheric ambient & electronica, to rolling and break influenced house & techno. Variety is key!

Free concert and dj night at Bosbar, Antwerp!

And also captured live by your favourite radio station.