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“At a point where the outside world is no longer accessible to us, music offers, more than ever, an escape to other worlds. In a mix of ambient and experimental electronic music, HOFFMAN searches a way out. An attempt to break down the walls around us and to explore beyond our homes.”

HOFFMAN is the musical alter ego of Maurice Luijten (20). His music finds itself in between movie scores and dark dance music, where industrial beats are taking over mysterious soundscapes.

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  1. The Alpine Sudetenwaltz – Alexandre Desplat
  2. Anarkian kuvajainen – Cucina Povera
  3. Without Bodies – Altar, Paul Jebanasam, Roly Porter
  4. Hope In Suffering – Yves Tumor
  5. Crocodile Rivers – TWEAKS
  6. Total Perspective Vortex – A Winged Victory for the Sullen
  7. Cassina – Michel Banabila, Machinefabriek
  8. Uncertain Instruction – K. Leimer
  9. The Woods – Worriedaboutsatan
  10. Starstuff – Blanck Mass
  11. Is It Cold In the Water? – SOPHIE
  12. Phase I – Blanck Mass