On air from 18h till 20h

First episode of the brand new show by Ghent based dj Thang. His first guest will be Huna Sounds who will take over things for the first hour, followed by Thang.

How exactly does a DJ make a whole room fall in love? Alas, there’s no simple way to explain, even for a dedicated stalwart of Belgian night life such as Thang. Born and bred in Ghent, a fertile breeding ground for world renowned spinners such as 2manydjs and The Glimmers, Thang offers up some key understandings: first up, you need a certain level of empathy. A DJ must ‘feel’ a room, as they say. They are right. Second, balance is key. Give and take. Teasing and crowd pleasing. No balance, no dynamic, no party. Third, versatility. Very important, this one. A good DJ always has a plan B, plan C and a plan D. Be prepared, but also be prepared to boldly go where you haven’t been before. Every weekend offers a different story.


First Hour: Huna Sound with guest Arian Zand

  1. Sepehr – Rooz-e Marg
  2. Jade 4U – Rainbows (Midnight Mix)
  3. Ethno Beat Afro Version – African Project (Antinote)
  4. Beat A Max – Caravan
  5. Ofra Haza – עפרה חזה – I’m Nin’Alu (Radial Gaze Edit)
  6. Mytron & Ofofo – Aeolian Research
  7. Rotten City Records/Files/Trax – All Right (Scadta Edit)
  8. Moonoton – Ta Ta Ka Din A Tan (Hamam House 5)
  9.  Beesmunt Soundsystem – Nova Z.
  10. Sansibar – Wallah (SANS DJ Mix)
  11. Balam – Wakax (HARD FIST)
  12. 12. النمر العربي Arabian PantherThe Faceless Warrior
  13. Super Utu – Anastasia Zems
  14. A-Tweed – Kiiroi Taiko
  15.  Mytron & Ofofo – Blauw
  16.  Mameen 3 – Ohrwurm Boogie
  17. RFX – Ha – 2-da (Hamam House 5)
  18. Moonoton – Obu Kofi
  19. Salsa Fingers – Mezcalito (Pletnev Remix)
  20. Itako – Look At The Big Pictur
  21. Balam – Noches Salvajes
  22. Moonoton

Second hour: Thang 

  1. Bufiman: Apo-Calypso (Dekmantel)
  2. MR TC: Mind II (Optimo Music)
  3. Iñigo Vontier & Thomass Jackson: Sicodelix (Calypso Records)
  4. Moscoman: Dinner Ror One (Life and Death)
  5. Lunar Plane: Seraglio (Disco Halal)
  6. Sascha Funke: Robur (Turbo Recordings)
  7. Matthew Dear, Eats Everything: Love Games (Rebolledo’s Achy Breaky Heart) (Pets Recordings)
  8. Echonomist: The Sequence Cabinet (Innervisions)
  9. Tony Carrasco: Love n Music (Headman remix) (Essential Media Group)
  10. Syncbeat: Music (Boris Dlugosch remix) (Running Back)
  11. Aroop Roy: Na Boko Samba (Neon Danza)
  12. Kamazu: Indiba Kabani (Roy B. Records)
  13. Endgames: Ecstasy (Ballroom Records)