On air from 15h till 17h

Monthly show from Thang on Friday. With guests (first hour) & the second hour covered by himself.

  1. Sworn Virgins: Slide Little Monster
  2. SIRS: Summer Desire
  3. Timothy Clerkin: Tour De France
  4. Mulya: Tacos Favoritos
  5. Tzusing: Cubicle 
  6. Felice: Annoying Coffee
  7. LS1 Housing Authority: Life Moves Fast
  8. Dismantle: Street Knowledge
  9. Bastiengoat: Tell Me If U Like It
  10. Guber: Wrong Ibiza
  11. Doxa: Disideratum
  12. Sonia Calico: Neo Tokyo Folk (Ahadadream & Sam Interface remix)
  13. Grand High Priest: Mary Mary
  14. Cosmo Vitelli: How Is It To Be U?
  15. Kincaid & Final: Long Haul Flight Bathroom Romance Scene