On air from 12h till 13h

“A collage paying homage to the kind of local talk+music radio I grew up listening to. Lots of Linn Drum driven 80s pop extended dub versions, songs about the love of radio and old speaks from cassette recordings. Give it a try if you remember recording live radio on your ghettoblaster in 1987.”

About the host:
New show on WAV radio presented by isenkram – a Copenhagen music label delivering exciting and diverse releases, materialized both as carefully designed mixtapes on cassette and in streaming format.

Isenkram say about the show: On this platform we are able to showcase and represent the label + Danish music in general (50 % of this broadcast are Danish releases) but also create an output for our twisted taste in music. Being freaks we find quality in every genre, but tend to love tracks that are challenging in sound and texture. But we are not here to please – everything is not for everybody!

  • Shu Bi Dua
  • Kruzh’em
  • Kim Wilde
  • Pet Shop Boys
  • Kraftwerk
  • Nolan Thomas
  • DJ Asshole
  • Modern Talking
  • The Associates
  • Scoop
  • Rocazino
  • Anne Herdorf
  • Public Enemy
  • Suede
  • Evolution
  • Tom Waits
  • ….