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A second WAV mix by Jan Matthé, who runs risographic print works + publishing house Risiko Press from the backroom of an undertaker’s den in Borgerhout. He just released and presented Our Body Memory, a Stacks LP published by Entr’acte/Stellage and produced together with Sis Matthé, who is also his brother.

Jan Matthé was a resident dj at Roxi Offenbach, Nic Fit, Stadslimiet and Trap. He played with Dark Brown Feeling, Smokers and as one half of Deutsch–Antwerpische Freundschaft. Dedicated to the memory of Gaby Delgado.
More mixes and music here: soundcloud.com/risikopress. Stacks here: stacksofvoices.bandcamp.com

  1. She Was A Visitor — Robert A
  2. Naissance des Pieuvres — Para One
  3. (Opening) — Hal H
  4. Pump — He Said
  5. (For Caresse) — Psychic TV
  6.  Barcarolle — Saloli
  7. Untitled — Young Echo
  8. Symphonie Pastorale — Brigitte F
  9. Fear Of Love — Hal H.
  10. Kläppen II — Golden Ivy
  11. Oh Baby — Micachu & The Shapes<
  12. By You — Tony B.
  13. Fresh Eyes — Nautic
  14. Shipbuilding — Robert W.
  15. Hula — Bullion
  16. Das Ende — Moebius
  17. Kinky Love — Nancy S.
  18. I Used To Be — FYC