On air from 16h till 17h

5th WAV programme of Risiko Press, mixed by Jan Matthé at the mortician’s in Borgerhout after a night of uncovering extended versions at the botanical garden with AK and a chilled bottle of Frei Körper Kultur (2019). Antwerp, Brussels + intercontinental echoes young and old. “Let loving start, whoa.”


  • All Hands Bury The Dead (II, 2019)
  • Vanishing Parades (Sounding The Ritual Echo, 1981)
  • Medaille (Wachtmuziek, 2020)
  • Throw Down (My Descent Into Capital, 2015)
  • Gradated Grey (Technodelic, 1981)
  • Mit Dir (Extended) (Night Full Of Tension, 1984)
  • Les Amants (Histoire De L’Ours, 2006)
  • Nattigheid (De Nooit Moede, 2020)
  • My October Symphony (Behaviour, 1990)
  • Watching You Without Me (Hounds Of Love, 1985)
  • Jamaica Resting (Dance It Down, 1983)
  • Long Road Home (Drive Time Suite, 2020)
  • as long as roads unravel fake rolex will travel (Roaches 2012–2019 $up£r D€lux£, 2020)
  • Here (Young Echo, 2018)
  • Hold Me Now (Private Cut) (Mixes Collection, 1983)
  • Never (Young Echo, 2018)