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Acid Jazz is a musical genre that combines elements of hypnotic jazz groove, soul, funk and discoIt originated in the London club scene of the late ’80s with DJs of the rare groove movement, who’s main interests were in the fringe of jazz-fusion, obscure jazz-funk and soul releases of the 1950s and 1960s. Particularly significant influence were records from the Blue Note catalogue, from which various samples were taken and applied in acid jazz releases.

In 1988 Gilles Peterson Eddie Piller formed the label Acid Jazz Records, that established the name of the genre and promoted the new musical style with label’s many releases and legendary compilations Totally Wired.  The ‘acid’ part of the name is inspired by the movement of acid house, that was in the same period gaining popularity on the British club scene.

In the mid ’90s the eminent rise of house music led to a decline in acid jazz productions and the movement became indistinct as a genre