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While making this mix I was thinking about planting a seed. About patience and rest, to gather energy for growth and to bloom into the flower that you are, so you can finally share your sweetness. I chose the photo of the largest flower in the world, also known as the Corpse Flower. This flower stinks of death. Your process of growing can smell that way sometimes, but in the end you are always beautiful.

  1. Eileen – Dawned
  2. Twin Flames – Wet Asphalt
  3. Ecco2k – Eccology
  4. Dream Dolphin – L.E.A. (Mirror Cordinate Mix)
  5. Donna Missal – Sex is Good (but have you tried)
  6. bladee & Ecco2k – Girls Just Want to Have Fun
  7. Opus III – It’s a Fine Day
  8. Magdalena Bay – Dreamcatcher
  9. Dinamarca – Onizuka
  10. Secret Dust – As Longitude w. Donato Dozzy
  11. MC Yallah & Debmaster – Dunia
  12. Batu – Go Deeper
  13. Coucou Chloe – Sylph