On air from 20h till 21h

There is no thing as ‘The Night’.
There are simply only two days trying to claim the crown
Over which one has extracted the most from the other.

The Night is such a strong yet strange human made concept.
e dive into it and we come out of it. Every 24 hours.
And one of those, we call golden hour.
Quite literally everything shines as bright as shattering silver and burning sun.

This mix is an hommage to the sunset and the sunrise, equally important, equally beautiful
and reminds me specifically of a sunset moment in France, where at Kamiwaza festival the sun was setting so incredibly glowy that the whole crowd went uphill to watch it in full glory

and surrender to its wide rays of sunlight.

Once a month, a group of amphibian friends gather on their beloved lily pad sharing stories of their adventures beyond the pond. These stories involve lively dance floors in distant waters, searching for the best selectors playing aquatic tunes. So if you’re ready for a unique blend of frog tales and ribbiting rhythms, tune in and let these pondside adventures captivate you. Croaking and ribbiting sounds in the form of electro, minimal, French house, and anything in between.

  1. Intro
  2. SYN – IDV.A.
  3. FaltyDL – Some Jazz Shit
  4. Hector Plimmer Bossa B (Deoke Remix)
  5. Mildlife – The Magnificent Moon (Tornado Wallace Remix)
  6. V.A. Gabriele Poso – Roots Of Soul (Atjazz Remix)
  7. Mafou Warda
  8. The Horn – Villager (Luca Lozano remix)
  10. Hansgod – Shakitchengong
  11. Axel Boman – Europa
  12. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Never Seen You Dance (Demi Riquísimo Remix)