On air from 17h till 18h

Lieven Martens (head of the Ediçoes CN label) joins us for an hour of field recordings, ambient & some bits from upcoming Ediçoes CN records & more.

  1.  Vangelis “Anthem for the World Cup in Japan & South Korea”
  2. Vangelis “Ave” (from Direct)
  3. Vangelis “Side Streets” (from The City)
  4.  Vangelis “Movement V, edit” (from Mask)
  5. Vangelis “Freefall” (from Albedo 0.39)
  6. Vangelis “Mare Tranquilitatis” (from Albedo 0.39)
  7. Vangelis “Procession” (from The City)
  8. Vangelis “Movement I” (from Soil Festivities)
  9. Vangelis “Movement VI” (from Mask)
  10. 10. Vangelis “Beaubourg, excerpt”
  11. Vangelis “Not A Bit, All Of It” (from See You Later)
  12. Vangelis “Ballad” (from Spiral)
  13. Vangelis “Multitrack Suggestion” (from See You Later)
  14. Vangelis “Antarctica Theme” (from Antarctica)
  15. Vangelis “Ask The Mountains, edit” (from Voices)
  16. Aphrodite’s Child “End Of The World”
  17. Vangelis “L’Enfant, edit” (from Opera Sauvage)