On air from 18h till 19h

Lieven Martens (head of the Ediçoes CN label) joins us for an hour of field recordings, ambient & some bits from upcoming Ediçoes CN records & more.

  1.  にかスープ&さやソース “メレスティア”
  2. Takao “Secret Town”
  3. Ytamo “Bar (Tengoku)”
  4. Futoshi Moriyama “にこエレクトロ (Nico Electro)”
  5. Futoshi Moriyama “クエスチョン (Question)”
  6. Kōhei Amada “新春譜”
  7. Lucio Battisti “Straniero”
  8. Margriet Hermans “In Slow Motion”
  9. Hans Edler “Romantiken”
  10.  服部峻 “Lost Grey”
  11.  Henry Kawahara “南風#2”
  12. Hermeto Pascoal “São Jorge”
  13. Yoshihide Otomo & Carl Stone “Audio Ink Tradition”
  14. Michele fedrigotti & danilo lorenzini “il canto delle acque”
  15. Marin Marais “Le tombeau de M. Lully”
  16. Annea Lockwood “A Sound Map from the Danube, excerpt”
  17. Barry Truax “She, a solo (excerpt)
  18. Florence Cats “Fall Call”