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terrain vague, a wasteland
the french expression terrain vague refers to something that is both fixed and fluid as a child and then as a teen I played a lot in terrains vagues around home
I always prefer these places to the standardized playgrounds

in such spaces playing = creating with debris
almost nothing
experimenting without preset

this mix for the radio is composed of various field recordings and micro improvisations that are in tune with fall’s pulse

dead leaves, fire, wind, seagulls, cats, poems and friends with whom I played this fall or previously – reminiscences, fragility, nostalgia, tenderness…

terrain vague is porous, it follows seasons, in process, undetermined, unfinished, residual and natural, in transformation

elvis and leto (meowing)
bogdana dima (vocal, varied instrumental)
david néaud (DIY micro percussion)
pierre-michel zaleski (vocal)
clara lévy (violin)
mauricio amarante (organ, cork)
clape policrome (ensemble, bucarest)
voices that speak, maxime and hawza ( speaking voices) rachel and alle (readings)