On air from 17h till 18h

This mix starts with an excerpt from that fantastic Jacob Dwyer album. Later there are bits by fetish composers like Takemitsu, Kawahara, and Goeyvaerts. But also Ferraro, Mikado, Sophie, Jackie Extreme, and quite a bit more. 

You will find yourself at the baseball stadium in Tokyo, on the mountain flanks of the Luberon, and at the marsh where young Knud Viktor ate a waffle. ‘Let It Be’ plays on the jukebox in the cantina of a practically empty amusement park on the hills in Kobe. You eavesdrop on the rehearsal of a concert band on Hydra. And there’s a curious scene set in a haunted house, where some bloke is just about to spook a few young women with a chainsaw. 

L’amour est un peu fragile.