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An afternoon chat with the Lucid Lucia members and remixers. Airing some of the remixes and to celebrate all this there will be guest mixes from Dan Curtin and Urlich Troyer.

Lucid Lucia & BRZZVLL – Lucid Lucia – Remixes

Brace yourselves for a sonic odyssey like no other as Sdban Ultra proudly presents the Lucid Lucia Remixes,  a collaboration between musical maestros Jan Willems, Vincent Brijs, and producer Truenoys. Teaming up with Sdban Ultra, this dynamic trio has curated an album that is set to redefine musical boundaries and ignite your senses!

The result is a stunning compilation of remixes featuring a stellar lineup of local and international legends including Marc Mac (4Hero), Dan Curtin, JD (Jan Willems’ alter ego), Ulrich Troyer, RTB2, DJ Grazzhoppa, Calm Tings, Subreachers, Internal Sun (a.k.a. Andrew Claes), and Nag. This musical extravaganza spans genres from trip-hop, downtempo, and space dub disco to jungle, broken beat, footwork, and melodic Detroit techno. Each track seamlessly weaves into the next, creating an unparalleled remix album that is sure to leave you grooving.

At the heart of this project lies Lucid Lucia, a band dedicated to freedom and rhythm. With their free-spirited saxes, futuristic keys, monstrous bass lines, and shifting drumbeats, Lucid Lucia takes listeners on a journey of luminous sounds and vibrant rhythms. Founded by saxophonist Vincent Brijs, a prominent figure in the Belgian jazz scene, Lucid Lucia’s music is an uplifting celebration of jazz, funk, and groove.

Emerging from the fusion outfit BRZZVLL, Lucid Lucia embodies a brighter, clearer sound. Having collaborated with renowned artists like Ursula Rucker, Joseph Bowie, Amir Sulaiman, and many others, the band has honed their skills and crafted a unique musical identity.

Lucid Lucia – Remixes will be out on November 3. The EP will be released digitally and as a limited 12” vinyl sampler, allowing fans to experience the magic in their preferred format.

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  • Lucid Lucia – Reminiscence
  • Lucid Lucia – Reminiscence (Marc Mac Remix)
  • Lucid Lucia –  Lucid Lucia 
  • Lucid Lucia –  Lucid Lucia  (Subreachers Remix)
  • Lucid Lucia –  Jee
  • Lucid Lucia – Jee  (Calm Tings “Jaa” Remix)
  • Lucid Lucia – Jee  (JD Remix)
  • Lucid Lucia – Mumpsimus original
  • Lucid Lucia – Mumpsimus (Dan Curtin Remix)
  • Lucid Lucia – Quanked
  • Lucid Lucia – Quanked (RTB2 Remix)
  • Lucid Lucia – New Era 
  • Lucid Lucia – New Era (Grazzhoppa Remix)
  • Lucid Lucia – New Era (JD meets Truenoys Version)
  • Lucid Lucia – I am Glory (Internal Sun Remix)
  • Lucid Lucia – Hazy Days (Nag Remix)
  • Lucid Lucia – Pigeons
  • Lucid Lucia – Pigeons (Ulrich Troyer Remix)