WAV Tasting /weɪˈteɪstɪŋ/

Noun; a gathering at which people sample, compare, and evaluate different kinds of the specified drink or food -AND MUSIC- in small amount. 


For our first tasting We Are Various goes Magyar.
Join us for a night of Hungarian pálinka tasting, paired with food – AND MUSIC -.

Pixel café opens its doors at 10AM
Start tasting: 7PM 
Start Magyar Music radio (online and at Pixel): 7PM 


  • Ajajjj linka! 

The Magyars (=Hungarians) invention drift stretches from the conception of matches, ballpoint pens to the cult-status-reached Rubik’s cube. But its oldest original concoction, dating back from the 14th century, must be their national drink: pálinka.

Pálinka is for the Hungarians what Whisky is for the Scots.

This strong spirit is a very social drink to Hungarians, particularly in the rural areas where it is traditionally offered to guests upon arrival. It is made from local fruit grown in basically every garden or orchard in the country, and it is still commonly brewed at home by the older generations. Good homemade pálinka is so strong that it actually kills bacteria. Or as the Hungarians say: in small amounts it’s a medicine, in large amounts a remedy. 

  • Tasting formula

We’ll be enjoying a selection of different pálinkas, complemented with a refreshing pálinka-based cocktail, paired with some typical Hungarian bites such as cured meat platter, pickled vegetables and Rakott Krumpli, a savoury, layered potato dish with sausage, sour cream, eggs and, of course, paprika (also in vegetarian version). And a beer or soda water to cool things down.
This is a collab with Marci Csillag from Snackbar Koffie.

Next to the drinks in the tasting menu, some fine Hungarian wines and Fröccs (mixture of soda and wine, yes, also the humble wine spritzer has its origin in Hungary!) will be available by the glass, along the regular drinks on the Pixel café menu.

  • Music

Magyar music pairing by our selector Koppány Dóri – Taka-Tuka festival and Hintaló Iszoda bar http://hintaloiszoda.hu, Budapest, HU

  • Pricing & Reservations

More info on price and how to book soon here.