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Mathilde Luijten organises OVERLAST twice a year at DE Studio. A festival for fresh Belgian talent, aiming at being innovative and ahead of the curve. In her monthly show at WAV, Mathilde presents the best of what unknown musical Belgium has to offer.

This Wednesday, as an early warm up for the 6th festival edition on 21st of March, she brings along the guys from CASSECOUILLES.

Cassecouilles, she said. OOh, mama she smells like cigarettes. 

Do you know us? We make fair trade music for all those hippies.

You can call our music reggea. But we have never touched weed. 

Stan Martens, also known from Stan Martens, is an outstanding actor, known from his work with Franches Lefebere. And his eye for strategic pauses in movies. What a guy! Say it again. What.. a Guy!

Ferre Vander Elst, also known for building the coffeeshop next to our door. Furthermore, Ferre is the fokboy of the gang. Making is his expertise. Always crying about an agenda. (hahahaha) 

Mathijs Kortenbroeck Tak Geurts. Earned his many names on the battlefield. Fighting in Lokeren with the farmers for the right to remain farmers. And the widely known battle of Hastings in 1066. He is also a famous drug dealer in the city of Lokeren. 

Maarten Van Lier. The underdog. The little king Midas of the group. A haircut like your mother. A face of a dog, and the arms of Bart Peeters. Never call him lazy, cuss he will have an answer ready. 

Ramon Mahieu, the most wanted human being on Mars. Having a vagina as mouth was not so simple in his youth. Getting bullied by his father, when he came home from the detention center his mother worked at. 

You see, life was not easy for these guys. 

Hope for a better future brought them together. 

Hope gets you killed.



Mathilde Luijten organiseert twee keer per jaar OVERLAST in DE Studio.

Een festival voor vers Belgisch muzikaal talent dat steeds probeert innovatief en ahead of the curve te zijn.

Elke maand presenteert ze op WAV het beste van wat onbekend muzikaal België te bieden heeft.