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Every first Wednesday Max brings you a fine selection of ambient to wave records.

For the first one of a new season with guest Kuba.
Kuba has been digging from an early stage through lots of different styles and tempos. He does not want to describe his sound in genres, but tends to think more about what kind of atmosphere he wants to convey to the audience.

Check his soundcloud here.

  1. Jonathan Leandoer127 & Frederik Valentin- October Poem
  2. Silver Mt. Zion – 13 Angels Standing Guard ‘Round The Side Of Your Bed
  3. Merdh Laleh – As Inanna
  4. Samo DJ & Maxxxbass – Free Yourself From The Misery Of A Existence
  5. Soho Rezandejad & Frederik Valentin – music from the terrace
  6. Anna Homler & Steve Moshier – Oo Nu Dah
  7. Isorrine – Fool’s Leap
  8. Oval angle – S for Sun (Mathias Mu Version)
  9. Iceboy Violet – Eyes Drippin 2 Hard (Lil Baby, Gunna & Young Thug)
  10. Strawberry – Balloon Song
  11. Ashley Paul – Sleep Walker
  12. Jonathan Leandoer96 – Evil
  13. Yre den – Ilk Of Geist
  14. Oklou – I Didn’t Give Up on You
  15. Ulla Strauss – Sister
  16. Malibu – Watcha Say (cover)
  17. Susannah Stark – Remind You