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Discintegration is a curated playlist of new and old alternative guitar music. Every month they present some of the most exciting new artists and underappreciated classics from all over the world. Curated with a focus on guitar-driven music across a wide array of genres and sounds. Originally airs on We Are Various every last Thursday of the month.

  1. Yuck –  Get Away (live at Insound Studios)
  2. Teen Creeps – Fall Out
  3. X – Universal Corner
  4. Sandy Alex G – Break
  5. Drahla – Stimulus for living
  6. Iceage – The Holding Hand
  7. A Place To Bury Strangers – And I’m Up
  8. Catherine Wheel – Thirty Century Man
  9. The Telescopes – Everso
  10. For Tracy Hyde – Favourite Blue
  11. Spirit Of The Beehive – There’s Nothing You Can’t Do
  12. New Order – age of consent
  13. Bleach Lab – Old Ways
  14. Widowspeak –  Money
  15. Lowlife – Eternity Road