On air from 20h till 21h

The monthly Discintegration show w/ Newmoon. Discintegration is a monthly playlist of new and old alternative music. Curated with a focus on guitar-driven, niche and exciting artists across a wide array of genres and sounds.
With tracks from Kevin Shields, Bauhaus & Max Bloom.

  1. Mascara: Innervision
  2. Kevin Shields: City Girl
  3. Hum: Step Into You
  4. Nothing: The Dead Are Dump
  5. Funeral Advantage: Not In My House
  6. Death Bells: New Sings Of Life
  7. The Novembers: Flowers of Life
  8. Arch Of Love: Light In Your Eyes
  9. Soviet Soviet: Extasy
  10. Fontains DC: Televised Mind
  11. Max Bloom: Cold Hard Light
  12. Number Girl: Toumei Shoujo
  13. Marching Church: Inner City Pigeon
  14. Bauhaus: Dark Entries