On air from 18h till 19h

“the good news is that you get to choose which energetic frequency you live in…”

Karolien Polenus aka NiXiE, based in Brussels, Belgium, is a music promotor who rolled into dj’ing. She has been active in the Belgian underground music scene for years as a dj and as the head of the notorious NIXIE’S events, organising concerts and parties, harmonising the far-out gospels from notorious wild life with the primitive roaring of obscure hidden night owls. You have the right to remain haunted.


  1. And the Ashes of Our Burning Souls Will Fly Away – Ben Bertrand
  2. Leliumoj – Merope
  3. My Lips Get Hot – Saskia
  4. Subliminal Season – Orphan Fairytale
  5. Piccolo e Cattivo – Dienne
  6. Squeezin’ – Walter Verdin
  7. Leuven Liège Guillemins – Weird Dust, Ignatz, Farrida Amadou, Pavel Tchikov, D. Chappelle, Céline Gillain
  8. The Third Summer of Love – Hiele, Clodagh Kinsella
  9. Lolokele – Nyati Mayi & the Ancestral Synth Transmitters
  10. Maqam Bruxelloise – Simon Hold