We started Objects & Sounds in August 2020 with a humble mission of inspiring a different yet more intuitive way of discovering and enjoying music. By focusing on moods instead of genres, we invite listeners to tune in to how they feel.

More than just sharing objects & sounds we love, we love to share the stories of the artists, creatives, labels and makers that inspire us day in day out.

Starting August 2021, you can browse objects & sounds to love for years to come at our physical location in Ghent. 

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  1. Munzard – Soft Generating
  2. Jason Kolar – 16.06.17
  3. Jesus Weekend – Haunting Memories
  4. Jonny Nash – Trees Bearing Fruit
  5. Vica Pacheco – De La Flor Viene El Fruto
  6. Haron – Music For Elbows
  7. Visible Cloaks, Yoshio Ojima & Satsuki Shibano – Canzona Per Sonare No
  8. Rimarimba – Gone To Hell In An Even Smaller Bucket
  9. The Humble Bee – On The Stroke Of The Dark, Keeper Of The Light, Beacon For The Heart
  10. Hinosch – Yamanon
  11. Qasim Naqvi – No Tongue
  12. Christina Vantzou – The Real Thing
  13. Minua – Order Of Instants