On air from 15h till 16h

Objects & Sounds started in August 2020 with a humble mission of inspiring a different yet more intuitive way of discovering and enjoying music. By focusing on moods instead of genres, they invite listeners to tune in to how they feel.

More than just sharing objects & sounds they love, they love to share the stories of the artists, creatives, labels and makers that inspire them day in day out.

  1. Piotr Kurek – Montufar
  2. Adela Mede – how did that feel?
  3. Sary Moussa – Figure
  4. Ian William Craig & Daniel Lentz – Erebus
  5. Trip Shrubb – Lütker Moses
  6. Ben Bertrand – The Aurae Loops
  7. Midori Hirano – Patterns
  8. David Fenech & Klimperei – Rugit Le Coeur
  9. Martin Brugger – From Where Our Signals Return
  10. Asemix – Communal Nude
  11. Sofie Birch & Johan Carøe – Sugi
  12. Museum Of No Art – Minimal Default on a Clear Blue Day