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OBRONI likes the niche. When during trips to Ghana, the Brazilian state Bahia and Eastern Cuba the people and their music intrigued him in a special way, he started digging into the fascinating history of 70’s African funk & soul, Afro-Latin tunes and Sahel music. Expect a psychedelic trip through the finest in Afrobeat, Highlife, Makossa, Afro-Latin rhythms and Sahel blues onto ultra-rare underground electronic fusion beats. Make it fast. Make it slow.

  • Comet is coming / Final days of the apocalypse
  • Comet is coming /  Do the milky way
  • Dj Rocca / Detox
  • Hagan / Yenkyi
  • Penya / why so angry
  • 808 Bantou / Antalia 100%
  • Heima / Touareg
  • Joni Haastrup / Make up your mind
  • Pat Thomas / I need more
  • Hugh masekela / Amo Sakesa
  • Onenes of Juju / chants + Don’t give up
  • Chico Mann / When I come to
  • Jeff Mills & Tony allen / Locked and loaded