Orphan Fairytale had a fortnightly radio program under the name ‘Brienermenu’ on Radio Centraal for many years.

When I was asked to replace a program by Mr. Dennis Tyfus when I was young, I started tinkering with my own old nursery recordings… They heard it was good and I got my own radio program.

I enjoy weaving the music eclectically together and sometimes on top of each other…Now I also want to give some attention to other people who stay a bit under the radar..and I’m looking forward to making new field recordings. Orphan Fairytale ‘s sound collages up in the air soon on WAV !

  1. Boris Uytterhaegen – Horizontal Pitch- Borbulous bonk – Zurebeer (bandcamp)
  2. Hantrax – Gazebo – Ekster
  3. Francesca Heart – Eurybia- Aria e acqua si incontrano al tramonto celeste (unreleased)
  4. Mist – La résistance individuelle – Oei (bandcamp)
  5. Joel Van Droogenbroeck – Fairy Tale
  6. Jon Hassle – Dreaming
  7. Winged Simians – Moon Tears (Orphan Fairytale collab with Ernesto Gonzales)
  8. Randall Mc Clellan – Music as a healing force lecture
  9. Pauline Anna Strom – Aquatic Realms
  10. Francesca Heart – Ianassa Alga Miraggio – Alla ricerca dei coralli partenopei 
  11. Boris Uytterhaegen – Nomaad
  12. Tristan Vloeberghs – Flavour scent meditation & Prana Estu Swadisthana chakra,Water,pleasure meditation
  13. James Ferraro – Marble Sounds – Memory Theater
  14. Geinoh Yamashirogumi- Akira soundtrack- Winds over Neo-Tokyo
  15. Embassador Dulgoon – Hydrorion Remnants – Daedalean Escapades – The Sirius Passet -Psychic Sounds & nonlocal research
  16. The Ecstatic world of Ike Reiko – Tiliqua Records
  17. Jean Michel Jarre – Equinoxe
  18. Alice Coltrane – Transcendence – Vrindavana Sanchara
  19. Spiral Consort – Codes – Sticks and stones – TROMP records 002
  20. Jon Hassle – Dream Theory