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1 What was the first sound you remember?

The roots blues records of my father

2 And the first sound that you recognized as music, never to leave your heart/head again?

Roy Orbison/only the lonely

3 What did you want to become as a kid?

Preacherman/pastor(no joke)

4 Who do you look up to and why?

Nelson Mandela(if you think i’m a pacifist,steal my chikens…and my mother

5 Who should play you in the movie about your life?

Harvey Keitel

6 What annoys you the most? About others? About yourself?

Anything thats annoys you adout another is most propably sommething thats not ok within you

7 Choose one superpower if you were a comic book hero?

To become invisible

8 Did video really kill the radio star?


9 Where would you rather be right now?

i’m in the here and now and thats perfect,but a kretabeach would be nice at any time

10 How close did you ever come to death?

1 cm,at work,thats close..

11 What is the craziest thing you ever saw on the internet?

Eat the poopo…..

12 Do you dance to your own music? Why (not)?

i’m a dj,and yes! i dance to the records i play,i like to dance

13 Embrace Today! But what genuinely used to be better back in the days?

really cold winters and the open air swimming pool in Brasschaat back in the 80’s

14 What is your biggest achievement?

To have my inner peace

15 What was your most shameful moment?

Heuuu, kakka in de broek..

16 Are we alone in the universe?

nope, for shure not

17 Which habit do you want to kick?


18 What should they play at your funeral?

Suicidal tendencies-how wil i laugh tomorrow when i can’t even smile today