In anticipation of the his exclusive mix for WAV we asked Polish producer Møzaika (Public Possession) a few questions. You can also listen to his exclusive mix right here.

WAV: ‘Hi Møzaika, you’re originally from Poland. Do you still follow the scene over there?’ 

Møzaika: ‘Yes, there are some new places open and new interesting faces as well … I’m really into records from Get The Balance Right and DUNNO labels, collaboration between Earth Trax & Newborn Jr.
Young guns team called Peoples from Poznan throw really fresh parties right now. Brutaż still going strong as a series of parties as well as a label and whole Szpitalna 1 crew from Cracow make a great work.’

WAV: ‘Any Polish acts we need to pay attention to in 2018?’

Møzaika: ‘Richu M, Primo Ultimo, Private Press, Aleksander Erdmann.’

WAV: ‘How do you choose the labels for your productions? Has that changed in the recent years?’ 

Møzaika: ‘I do sometimes get offers from different labels to release my music but they mostly don’t fit to my music.  I’ve become more selective and I have less pressure now when I compare with a few years ago, when I released as „Selvy”.’

WAV: ‘More recently you did a very well received release on the much respected (Munich based) Public Possession label, who have artists like Bell Towers, Tambien to Samo Dj on their roster. Can you tell us more on how that collaboration came along?’ 

Møzaika: ‘If I remember it correctly it started when I shared my tracks with Rohan (Bell Towers). He played them on his NTS show and then he introduced me (& my work) to Marvin & Valentino which resulted in the „Aqua EP” which was released last december and in a new track which is featured on the “5th anniversary of PP” cd compilation. The whole process ran very naturally and it’s a real pleasure to work with them :- ).’

WAV: ‘Can we expect more releases in the forthcoming months from Møzaika?’

Møzaika: ‘I’m working on another EP/Single and LP at the moment.’

WAV: ‘You already did mixes on quite a few global (online) radio stations. From Red Light Radio, World Wide FM, The Word Radio to Operator in Rotterdam. How do you see the importance & impact of those platforms?’

Møzaika: ‘It’s always a good opportunity to present different music than the music you play in the clubs. You easily can do whatever you want. In each of these stations there’s a great atmosphere with various people on unusual location and all have different details.’

WAV: ‘What’s currently on high rotation at your place?’ 

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