We asked some of our residents and guests a list of their favourite releases, labels or covers during 2021. During the last week of December we will post them here in our news section. Enjoy!

Resident: T. Redray (Modern Savage)


T. Redray (aka Order Mothership) joins us every month with another Modern Savage episode. Expect all things funk, electronica to detroit & more.

1. Elko B. - Realm of rides of romance

2. Nicolini - Penni's Palace

3. Bjorn Erikkson - The Eastwood Killer

4. Delroy Edwards - Change the world

5. Cirquitry feat. Electro Wayne - Volume III

6. Comite Hipnotise - Dubs pour oh-la-la

7. Gilb'r - On danse comme des fous

8. Steve Summers - Generation Loss

9. Eva Noxious - Anti Todo

10. Various - Jack Playmobil Acid 2