We asked some of our residents and guests a list of their favourite releases, labels or covers during 2022.
During the last week of December we will post them here in our news section. Enjoy!

Residents: Daphné


Co-founder of We Are Various. Grew up in legendary Belgian USA Import music shop and label. In her music selection, whether behind the turntables of a party or radio booth, diversity and unpretentious openness to genres, context and audience are key.


Everything of, with, from them. What they make, remix, dj, perform, collaborate on, how they approach things, how they are. My admiration for them certainly won’t stop in 2023. They have great things upcoming, no doubt.

Loraine James



Jana Rush

a small selection of music I listened to a lot, in no particular order

Wet satin - Wet satin - Fuzz Club Records

According to S-pity-fy this is the band I listened to most in 2022. S-pity-fy’s frikkin’ algorithms don’t have to tell me what I listen to most. But OK, for this one, they might be right.

Prayer - A Love So True - Hooversound Recordings

Placid Angles - Stormy Angel - AD93

Perfect happy melancholy coming from one of my favourite labels. Blessed be there quality in versatility.

Brahja - Watermelancholia - Cortizona

Coco Bryce - Grand Larceny (Bootlegs 2012-2022) - Myor

“All tracks stolen, appropriated, mixed and rendered by Coco Bryce”  :-)Lovely.
200% uncut fun this one.

Forbidden Overture - Turned On - Dark Entries Records

Two beautiful twenty-seven-minutes-something builders-up, that both will make your fontanelles open up completely around minute twenty.

Danny L Harle & DJ Danny - On A Mountain (ascendant vierge version) - Mad Decent

Moin - Paste - AD93

Oh look! Another one from the AD93 label. Equally amazing, totally different. SO to the dazzling drummer Valentina Magaletti!

Hudson Mohawke - Cry Sugar - Warp Records

Flore Laurentienne - Volume II - RVNG Intl.

Authentically plastic - Raw Space - Hakuna Kulala

!Hakuna Kulala <3!

Concert Highlights

  • New Rituals: Nkisi + Ryoichi Kurokawa – Barbican London – 23 april
  • Foodman + Neo Geodesia – Café Oto London – 26 april
  • Ratas del Viejo Mundo – Laus Polyphoniae festival Antwerp – 25 august
  • Suzanne Ciani + Valentina Magaletti & Marta Salogni – EartH Theatre London – 15 october
  • Oortreders festival – Pelt – 21-23 october
  • Laurie Anderson – Bozar Brussels – 1 december
  • Proud of our WAV x Het Bos/Bosbar collab. Every Wednesday we offer free concerts live at Bosbar and streamed on WAV. Our programmation is, of course, very various but invariably positively surprising. I enjoyed so many great live radio moments last months and discovered also great gems myself. Check out past wednesdays on the website of Het Bos here or on the WAV website here. With live captations of concerts by, amongst others, Senyawa, Memo Pimiento, Gao Kacirek, Romain de Ferron, … . Much more to come in 2023… Please be our guests!

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