We asked some of our residents and guests a list of their favourite releases, labels or covers during 2022.
During the last week of December we will post them here in our news section. Enjoy!



Umtzi Bumtzi represents a joke gone too far. Created during an intoxicated back to back DJ set somewhere in the rooftops of Ghent and quickly followed by simple-minded chortling, Umtzi Bumtzi quickly became a placeholder word and even an endearing nickname between the two creators and resident DJ’s Kairos and Safé.

With club nights across Belgium, Umtzi Bumtzi prioritizes eclectic and funky mixes, adapting to any festive context while proposing cutting-edge guest artists to headline events.

1. Omar-S - Ice Cream (ft. Supacoolwicked & Alandra) - FXHE Records

“It’s 2022 and Detroit legend Omar-S blesses us with another extensive record release. Ice Cream is fun, groovy, sexy, and you either get it or you don’t. Absolutely infectious bassline and things only get better with the vocals. Very representative of our sound.” 

2.Supra House Collectif - Turn Me On (Supra House Collectif Records)

“Fresh new collective including friends Bendrik & Max Telaer who we’ve had the honour of playing with in Brussels and Ghent! Whole EP is house euphoria, and this one is a sure shot every time”

3. Otik - Skylines (Solar Body Records)

“Otik has definitely been the artist that I (Safé) have played the most in my sets. Such an incredibly versatile artist that remains expressive with each record release. This one comes through his own label Solar Body he started up this year and gives off such an ethereal, cloudy vibe. Such a special track to be played only when 100% fitting and I’m sure I’ll find that moment someday. “

4. DJ ADHD & Nikki Nair - Whaa (feat Logan) - Seilscheibenpfeiler Records

“Nikki Nair and DJ ADHD have both had a great year full of genius records, together or separately. We’ve consistently been playing their music for peaktime sets for maximum reaction. This one comes through a favorite label – Seilscheibenpfeiler Berlin from Modeselektor.” 

5.  Footclan - Saltshaker (Diffuse Reality Records)

“Footclan is one of those duo’s that has a record for us for every set – and this record on Diffuse Reality has been a big one for us. Something about that deep line drives us crazy.. A good alternative is another track of theirs ‘South’ – released in 2020 but completely overplayed by Umtzi Bumtzi in 2022. Brings out our more fast paced Ghetto Tech, closing set side.”

6. Pangaea - Still Flowing Water (Hessle Audio)

“1/3 of Hessle Audio, who we saw play together at C12 this year. Highlight of this year for sure + massive inspiration. Also we played a lot of Pearson Sound, but this track really represents Umtzi Bumtzi the best.”

7. Joy Overmono - Blind Date (XL Recordings)

“3 masterminds colliding on the legendary XL Recordings: Joy Orbison & Overmono. Guaranteed effect.”

8. DJ Maaco - People (Puzzlebox Records)

“Detroit in Effect’s alter ego DJ Maaco drops this two sided Detroit electro beauty that fits in any set because of its 1. electric vibe, 2. super sick vocals, 3. masterful synth work. Try it with techno or house or anything if you dare – if you spin it right it will work. Flip this record to discover a non-chalant, shades-in-the-club record by K1 – so so good.”

9. Vladimir Dubyshkin - no tell motel - Trip Recordings

“Uptempo techno but very groovy, which is what we try to implement in every set of ours. This one comes through Moscow’s ever impressive Trip Recordings.”

10. Soul Mass Transit System - Need Someone (Time is Now Recordings)

“Some of the harder UK Garage / house , which is a genre we’ve come to implement more in our sets lately.”

11. Louf - Euler's Disc (Cross Country Records)

“Some tracks are for fun to play in sets and others are to be really listened to. This record from Louf has brought a lot of inspiration. It’s honest, kind, and really crafts its own world to get lost in. A good way to wrap up our list and a true gem for 2022. “

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