We asked some of our residents and guests a list of their favourite releases, labels or covers during 2023.
During the last week of December we will post them here in our news section. Enjoy!

Resident: Jespers & Jespers


Connecting the dots between atypical music and lovingly weaving together breakbeat, club music and UK influenced tracks.

1. Arthur Russell – Picture Of Bunny Rabbit

2. Martin Rev – The Sum Of Our Wounds (Cassette Recordings 1973-85)

3. Heaven Hotel Presents: The Post Punk Side Of Heaven Hotel Part One

4. Yo La Tengo – This Stupid World

5. Schntzl – Holiday

6. Asa Moto - Original Music for Benjamin Verdonck & Lucas van Haesbroeck's "Down the Rabbit Hole" (DeeWee)

7. Bob Dylan – Shadow Kingdom

8. Neil Young – Chrome Dreams

9. Baxter Dury - I Thought I Was Better Than You

10. John Cale: Mercy

11. Raphael Feuillatre - Visages Baroques

12. Sufjan Stevens: Javelin

13. Daughter - Stereo Mind Game

14. DAAU – Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung!

15. PJ Harvey - I Inside The Old Year Dying