We asked some of our residents and guests a list of their favourite releases, labels or covers during 2023.
During the last week of December we will post them here in our news section. Enjoy!

Resident: Microwave


Microwave is always looking for a journey, an energy that creates a story, a little guidance for the wandering mind.

1. Kinetic Dreams - Samuel Jabba - ZON001

2. Asesino Sicotico (Mijo + Macaulay "Hazme Famosa" Mix) - by Moderna Y Theus Mago

3. Sanasana (Theus Mago & Moisees "Fluffy Mix") - by Esprit Divers - Sanasana

4. Acid Mantra by Cosmosolar

5. Dr. Shpritz (Andrea Zarco Remix) - by Ruksby

6. Casual Carnage - by Cromby

7. FM Trippin' - by MADVILLA - LP: SNACK BOX VOL. 1

8. Contact - by Gabriel Belabbas - LP: Positive Future 003 - À Paris EP

9. Cuando el Rave is Over - by Don Alex Albert

10. Hilarious  - by Clap Kent - LP: The Crew 03

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