We asked some of our residents and guests a list of their favourite releases, labels or covers during 2019. During the last 2 weeks of December we will post them here in our news section. Enjoy!

Resident: David Edren / Closet of Record


David Edren has steadily been creating electronic sounds, as DSR Lines, for almost 2 decades. Starting off with programmed music, evolving towards analogue synth improvisations, resulting in calm rhythmic structures and ambient soundfields.
Edren is also the instigator of Closet of Records, a shop cabinet with vinyl records, cassettes and paper, that opens its cabinet doors on Thursday evenings at BosBar, Antwerp. Closet of Records also hosts a series of events at BosBar, presenting local and less local DIY labels with a roster ranging from audio releases to printed matter and beyond.

Listen to all the Closet of Records – WAV collabs of 2019 here
Read the interview with Sugai Ken here


1. Georgia – Immute – Ekster

2. Jung An Tagen – Proxy States – Editions Mego

3. Ka Baird – Respires – Rvng Intl.

4. Galaxy Express 555 – Rat Laughter – Nonlocal Research

5. LY Foulidis – Hoekhuis – Obus

6. Accou – Seulaison – Indian Redhead

7. Floris Vanhoof ‎– The Fluid Computer – Self Released / Kraak

8. Marja Ahti – Vegetal Negatives – Hallow Ground

9. Weird Dust – Tribes 1.1 – Crevette

10. Grykë Pyje – Collision And Coalescence – Mappa

11. Piotr Kurek – Polygome – Hands in The Dark

12. Romain de Ferron – Flores – Self Released

13. Günter Schlienz ‎- Lissajous – Cosmic Winnetou

14. Jatinder Singh Durhailay & Suren Seneviratne – Petit Oiseau – Poetic Pastel

15. Blake Hargreaves – Improvisations On The Pipe Organs Of Europe – Ultra Eczema

16. Yves De Mey – Exit Strategies Part I – Entr’acte

17. MinaeMinae – Variante – Human Pitch

18. Visible Cloaks, Yoshio Ojima & Satsuki Shibano – Frkwys Vol.15: Serenitatem –  Rvng Intl.

19. Les Halles – Golden Hour – Hare Akedod


1. Timelash – Forbidden City, Antwerp (apr 13th)

2. Quanta Qualia, Nace Lubelski Lopez and Toad – Troglobatem, Stuttgart (may 10-11th)

3. Sugai Ken – Het Bos, Antwerp (oct 24th)

4. Yoshio Ojima, Satsuki Shibano & Visible Cloaks – Pilar, Bxl (nov 8th)

5. Les Halles – AB Salon, Bxl (dec 17th)


1. Appearance of Universe B (Grant Corum Expo) – Forbidden City, Antwerp

2. Troglobatem Festival – Neue Schachtel, Stuttgart

3. Dieter Durinck ‘Bootleg Paintings’ – SD Gallery, Antwerp

4. Meakusma Festival – Eupen

5. Duo with Lieven Martens, Onderstroom, Antwerp

6. Floris Vanhoof, Benjamin Verdonck, Het Interstedelijk Harmonium Verbond, Remörk – Het Bos (may 30th)

7. Tea Notes with Jatinder Singh Durhailay – Ekster HQ, Maison Guiette, Antwerp