This Friday 17.05.19 we are celebrating our 1 year anniversary at Pixel bar (Fotomuseum Antwerp) and for this occasion we had to invite one of our favourite dj’s, Raphael. No introduction needed on him, this guy is one of the finest selectors and a local legend.
But nevertheless we asked him 5 favourites to get you in the right mood for Friday. Five records he loves listening to.
And he was kind enough to add some comments with each track.

Let’s go !

1.  Instand coffey by Dennis Coffey (Sussex records 1974).

Notice the ‘Outrageous’ outrageous track!
The 4th and last tune on the B-side that really sounds like an excursion of the mind.

Listen to a track here. 

2.  Do It Your Way by Crown Heights Affair (De-Lite Records – 1976)

Titles such as ‘Far out’, ‘Sexy ways…’, ‘Dancin’ ….actually the whole album is finger licking good, including the picture of the wet-shirt-wearing lady on the cover…. Dude!!!!! Thank Micky Matis for this eye candy!

Listen to a track here. 

3. Rags to Rufus by Rufus featuring Chaka Khan (ABC records – 1974)

For the wonderful cover-art and the pure and crispy sounding tunes like ‘You got the love’ and the nice title track ‘Rags to Rufus’ warm and uplifting…. on the flipside check out the slow and steamy tune ‘Tell me something good’…….yum yum if you can stand her voice that is!

Listen to a track here. 


4 Fire Zone by SFV Acid (Ekster records –  2019)

Insane album by Zane Reynolds with an apocalyptic poster and crazy ‘bad-taste’ artwork, all created by the same master-mind. For those who missed the release party at Onder Stroom …. believe the hype! Not only was the night kickstarted and torn apart by Mika who rocked it, …. the new sound at Onder Stroom made it a real heavenly experience! Nog Van Da!!!!

Listen to a track here. 

5. A Sucked Orange by Nurse With Wound (United Diaries UD032 – 1989)

“For the weird spooky and far out lovers off all things strange and unknown.
Just give it a listen and you’ll see/hear why.
The first time I got introduced to this hypnotic cult band was by a friend that operated a radio-show called ‘Beelden Storm’  (back in 1993) on local radio station Radio Centraal.
It blew me out of my mind, not knowing what the hell it was but I instantly loved it. thank you Dimi3 for letting me in on this one and pushing me to start DJ’ing… after allowing me to stand-in during your shows and lending me the opportunity of fiddling around on your turntables. Boy how I loved these days!”

Listen to a track here. 


Thx Raphael !

Raphael will play this Friday at Pixel Bar around 23h till late for the 1 year WAV anniversary.
Doors are open around 19h, warming up by WAV Soundsystem.
We also serve some delicious food. Please reserve your table (for dinner) via

All details via our Facebook page.