Next to the radio shows, Music For Sharing Plates also asks their guests to choose a favourite subject or topic for the blog section. Max Kesteloot, photographer & graphic artist who mixed the 8th MFSP show went for a selection of 10 favourite chairs to set aside when dessert is finished.

“Sharing plates with friends is amazing. However – in order to share the table – one needs
to be able to sit down. Whether it’s the plate, the table, the person in front of you or the
chair. Aesthetics are as important as taste.”
-“Even pretty chairs need to move by the time we get to dance!”

Listen back to Max Kesteloot’s mix for Music For Sharing Plates

1. Samuel Francois' chairs presented at Berthold Pott in 2018

2. Maarten Van Severen’s MVS .03

3. Jean Prouve’s Standard Chair

4. Michele de Lucchi’s First Chair

5. Tom Volkaert’s pink chair

6. Theo De Meyer’s stoel van stoepdallen

7. Gerrit Rietveld’s Military Chair

8. Gaetano Pesce’s Broadway chair

9. Marni’s 100 chairs made by Columbian ex-prisoners

10. Henk Visch’s Irene presented at Tim Van Laere in 2014