This Sunday our first brunch special takes place at Pixel Café. A delicious brunch menu combined with a dedicated radio show. Our music selectors from 10h till 15h are Messias (Bagger, From Italo To Disco) & Liebenskind (Ilse Liebens / Radio 1).
They were so kind to give us their favourite early morning track for each day of the week. Never an easy choice but oh well, you can listen to a lot more favourites this Sunday. 🥐

1. Monday: “Illuminine – Inferences” (selected by Liebenskind)

Liebenskind: “Mondays are for melancholy. I have a feeling Kevin Imbrechts (Illuminine) knows all about that. Just like the rest of us, I’m waiting for spring to arrive. In the meantime I’ll settle for this autumn gem.”

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=768842044 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]

2. Tuesday: “Angelo Badelamenti — Lauren’s walking” (selected by Messias)

Messias: “Just another brilliant cooperation between David Lynch and Angelo Badelamenti.
Such a nice theme to the great movie Straight Story — about an old farmer crossing rural America on his tractor to find his long lost brother. I just love the song because the rhythm really has the same pulse and cadanse of a tractor chugging through the endless cornfields .. and the violin theme perfectly expresses the melancholic feel and cloudy skies sloooowly passing by. Inspiring is also the fact that David Lynch always relied on Angelo Badelamenti providing the perfect theme and score and sound for his movies.”

Listen to the track here 

3. Wednesday: “Nasca – Ketama” (selected by Liebenskind)

Liebenskind: “This Wednesday has been all about this Nasca record for me.
Gerry Vergult and Gerrit Valckenaers wrote these songs more than 30 years ago in a desolated Top studio in Ghent. It’s very minimal, and that’s about all I can handle on Wednesday mornings, so yeah. This track will have you dreaming, eyes wide open. Recorded in 1987 and now, just about a week ago, released for the first time by Cortizona. Also, check out the gorgeous artwork by Sarah Yu Zeebroek.”

4. Thursday: “Ash Ra Tempel — The fairy dance” (selected by Messias)

Messias: “Ash Ra Tempel is one of those early pioneers on the German krautrock scenery in the early sixties. To me all of the Ash Ra Tempels and Cosmic Jokers are true masterpieces everyone should buy and cherish. No words needed for that kind of beauty. I cry almost every time i put on the album. Crybaby Mes yes indeed. Who cares anyways. Ash Ra Tempel. Starring Rosi. Great album. Funny note .. This song ‘The Faire Dance” on this album is featured & hidden in one of Andy Votel’s mixtapes ( on Finders Keepers ) .. he told me he received tons of emails regarding that song .. and i was the first one that knows the song. Anyways, just listen up.”

5. Friday: “Jaye P. Morgan – Can’t Hide Love“(selected by Liebenskind)

Liebenskind: “Soooo, friday morning is all about slowly slipping into that weekend, right? Jaye P. Morgan’s husky voice never lets me down. Especially on this track (previously released by Earth, Wind & Fire).”

6. Saturday: “Kreidler – Circulus” ” (selected by Messias)

Messias: “I have a very strong taste for fluistertronica as i urge to say .. ambient electronica more or less. Everybody knows the Selected Ambient Works and the Four Tets .. but there is a large scenery out there no one hardly knows. To me Kreidler is on a same level as Brian Eno when it comes to ambient music. One of my all time favourite electronic songs. Sit back. Relax. And close your eyes.”

Listen to the track

7. Sunday: “Massimo Vanoni – Exciting Groove” ” (selected by Liebenskind)

Liebenskind: “Play me this and I’ll have brunch with you anytime.”

7. Sunday (bis): “The Rolling Stones – Heaven” (selected by Messias)

Messias: “For hard knock Stones lovers .. all of the 80s albums are rubbish. And I can relate to that when it comes to whole albums. Maybe i don’t. Doesn’t really matter. True that lots and loads of true masterpieces are hidden around the block. Their album Tattoo You may not be their very best .. whatever .. this song Heaven is my all time fav Stones song. I have the album in my collection over two decades now, but ever since i saw the movie A bigger splash ( with our Matthias Schoenaerts and the stunning Tilda Swinton and the house holder spinning this song over and over ) the song is on my mind on a daily basis. Just love that dreamy sound of the song .. it seems that they are constantly playing with the pitch .. a little up .. and a little down .. waw .. just waw .. so waw .. It is the perfect song for waking up in the morning , make love to your loved one , and fall back asleep , you know who you are XX.”

Listen to the track 
When: Sunday 16.06.19
Where: Pixel Café, Waalse Kaai 47 (Fotomuseum Antwerp)
From: 10h till 15h
For full details check the Facebook event