It’s been two years now, since the WAV waves first roamed the streets and shelters of Antwerp and beyond.
Our Various vibrations have kept you company inside, but in the past 2 years we didn’t shy the outside. If you want to celebrate this b-day in a current-context-proof manner with us, please enjoy this film we made about the parties we had in the past year, on various locations in the open.

Thank you for sharing those heart beats with us, and a big shout out to all dj’s, radio hosts, and other contributors of the past years.

We are looking forward to a bright future together with you all. See you on the streets again soon, and in the meantime keep listening to us from your shelters!

[Video directed, shot and edited by Nico Forero – Music by Deck 8-9 : Vector (Evacuation mix) USA IMPORT]

Shot at Us by Night, Mikado/Mikado (Middelheim park) & Ampere Outdoor