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Lieven Martens releases new lp on Ediçoes CN by Christina Vantzou

On Multi Natural you get acquainted again with Christina’s organic chamber music. Yet these nine tracks somehow feel different. We enter nine composed chambers. Nine rooms to inhabit, constructed out of elements that are slowly fusing. The album is a string of semi constant metamorphosis. A gesture appears, is elaborated upon—or is halted and replaced by a new gesture. Multi Natural has multi focal points, quite dissimilar to Christina’s other works that tend to have a more linear path.

More info and 2 tracks to listen to via the Bandcamp page.
The album is out in July.

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Club Mayz channels authentic italo disco synths in karaoke anthem

Remember the karaoke days? Made with only a a MicroKorg and a mic, ”Penguins Can’t Fly” is a magnifcent slice of italo disco karaoke from Belgium. As a tribute to the Ghent based italo night Pingwing, it became a bit of a local underground hit which lead to Club Mayz performing it live at one of the parties at the Museum for Contemporary Art (SMAK) in Ghent – once. The track never
saw the light of day until now Berlin based label Ca$hminus is stoked to send it out into the world.

Check the full clip here. You can buy the 7inch via the Bordello A Paragi label page or soon at your local record store.

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Mathilde Luijten (Overlast) collabs with TRIX for a new podcast series

Next to organizing the Overlast festival & hosting the Overlast shows on WAV, Mathilde Luijten is also collaborating with TRIX on a new podcast series ‘Bestemming Bereikt’ in which she discovers all aspects of the music industry.

The first episode with Fien Deman (iVy Falls) is ready for relistening on the TRIX website.

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Soft Focus releases new album on DTM Funk’s San-Kofa Rhythm Records

Antwerp based artist Soft Focus delivers a genuine blend of digital and acoustic compositions. Flowers is a collection of tracks that are shaped over the years and started from improvisation with different loops.
While listening to this album you get carried away by the amount of musical knowledge which gives you a true understanding of what Soft Focus means. His unique approach to music shows another side of himself. Soft focus is a project without any boundaries, stress-related situation or technical difficulties where improvisation is key. Already confirmed support from Lefto to Gilles Peterson.

Buy the release now via bandcamp or at your local record store.

Soft Focus made several radio shows on WAV in the past under his moniker “Title”, listen back here and expect new shows very soon !

Vice City releases new compilation to celebrate their 7 years of utopia

Welcome to Vice City: 7 years of utopia, 11 tracks to take you there.
Pablo Valentino, Daniel Wang, Nick The Record, Glenn Astro, the mysterious G-machine project, Keith Lorraine and local talents Juicy “The DJ”, Coulier and My Loyal Friend all contributed to this compilation, in order to spread the soul of the city in your living room or to start your own party/set as viciously as you should. included with the record is an original copy of the infamous “Daily Vice” newspaper.

The vinyl compilation will be our early July at your local record store.

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