On air from 11h till 13h

A Soulsonic SocialCall. From 11 h till 13 h introducing members of Unfinished Business.

With pleasure and delight we dedicate the upcomming radioshow to the announcement of the second edition of – SOULSONIC. A FunkaliciouS GroovedeliC Get Together taking place : Friday 29/ 09 at Pekfabriek

Unfinished Business will perform a late night concert
Providing us with their Grooviest off all Funkjazz-movers. The sparkling five-headed dreamteam accompanied by the fire-spitting headman of Lucid Lucia ( aka Papa Brys )

A bittersweet collection of carefully hand-picked recordings, love-songs and heartaches captured on wax, will be served by the finest soul-sonic Disc Jockeys for your dancing pleasure

In this WAV- emission, through an informal talk with members of the young and fast-rising combo, we get introduced to some of the records that inspired and influenced them to become what I believe to be, one of the Crispiest and Freshest sounding bands to be found in Antown. Also we’ll get an exclusive  pre-listening taste of their freshly recorded music soon to be released on a forthcoming EP. So don’t miss out!

Lend them your ears and you won’t regret listening , it will tickle your heart and touch your SOUL that is, if you have one.

  1. James Brown – just enough room for storage
  2. Gary Bartz – Winding roads
  3. Lee Morgan – Tom Cat
  4. Freddie Hubbard – Super Blue
  5. Weather Report – Gibraltar
  6. Toni Burkill – Third of all numbers
  7. Miles Davis – It’s about that time
  8. Unfinished Business – Zahnoun
  9. Jaco Pastorius- Three vieuws of a secret
  10. Don Cherry – Degi Degi
  11. Don Cherry – Mahakali
  12. Blue Mitchell – The Message