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KAITO WINSE (live concert + interview)

Labalou Kaito Winse was born in a jeli family from Lankoué, in the Sourou region, northern Burkina Faso. Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, he easily alternates the playing of calabash, mouthbow, Fulani flute, kora and tama (talking drum). His powerful and captivating voice recalls the intensity of opera voices and invites to listen to messages carrying ancestral truths.

His first solo album ‘KALADOUNIA’ was released in 2020 with Rebel up! Records, receiving enthusiastic reactions, notably in Songlines Magazine and the Transglobal World Music Charts. This album was produced with the support of Muziekpublique and the NGHE media library.

+ DJ set Rebel Up!


Picture credit: Amber Cnaepkens

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  • 00:51:00 – 02:09:30 Kaito Winse (live)
  • 02:09:30 – 02:58:12 Rebel Up!’s SebCat (dj)