On air from 18h till 21h

Music is best served on a hot bun. The best bakers from around the world will give it their all during this monthly show. Expect quality music, creative mixing and above all a bunch of radio wave – fun.

Radio Hot Buns is all about combining different approaches to minimalistic music. From hypnotizing sounds dominated by a long stretched synthesizer to more uplifting bassy tracks.
Better Call Job is based in Amsterdam and a frequent party planner under concepts like Unmute and Minimarizumu. His style is more focused on playing hidden gems with a mix of house, minimal and everything in between.

Here is a guy who makes digging for unheard tunes an art, with a lovely mix for Faciendo (that you should definitely check out) to show you what he’s all about. A style ranging from downtempo to all styles of electronic music but you’ll find out about that during Donnie‘s radio show or if you get the chance too see him live, be sure to do that.”
Coming from a strong 2021 with some big releases for big labels such as Eastenderz (for Pascal Benjamin) and Picnic Records (for Herra) and playing in some of the hottest clubs and festivals in their home country the Netherlands and international. For example Thuishaven, Club Der Visionaire, Doka Amsterdam, Ponton these two wizards will give you an introduction what they’re all about!