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GESELING – Harsh Noise 🔪
Primitive harsh noise project which focuses on creating dense walls of noise and feedback by means of scrap metal, field recordings and crude textures recorded straight to tape.

SJOERD LEIJTEN – Electromagnetic Noise 🧲
Sjoerd Leijten is a transdisciplinary artist, composer and radio maker with a keen interest in dissident noises and politics. His practice involves electromagnetism, field recordings, experimental journalism and hacking. Recent works include the sonic essay RADICAL MURMUR, a triptych which explores sonic approaches to the world, and the climate activist noise film ANSAGE ENDE. His work has been shown at venues such as Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam, NL), Budapest Spring Festival (Budapest, HU), Van Abbemuseum (Eindhoven, NL), FiraTarrega (Tarrega, ES) and Oerol (Terschelling, NL).

‘Schobbee is film editor and composer Rik Chaubet. Poe’s Law is an album of internet audio gargled by film editing software. The result is a torrent of in-the-red glitch, digital concrète and corrupted beats like a GIF turned necrotic.’ ‘Schobbee deals with bigger chunks of sonic detritus thrown up by the algorithm. It remains a work concerned with creating new forms from pre-existing content by blasting them out of context. Finding something harrowing yet strangely compelling in the wreckage of sentiment and meaning.’
Quietus review: https://thequietus.com/articles/32812-schobbee-poes-law-review
Listen: https://m0ntage.bandcamp.com/album/poes-law

KASET HITAM – Cellphone Noise 📱
Kaset Hitam betekent “zwarte cassette” in het Indonesisch en is een alias van Sjoerd Bruil, die u misschien nog kent van Black Cassette. Als Kaset Hitam maakt hij elektronische muziek met 2 gsm’s en een -wegens onmisbaar bij elke electronica/noise nerd- delay pedaal. Doorgaans is zijn muziek niet extreem noisy maar wellicht kan hij de boel wat vuiler laten klinken op deze sinterklaas avond. Bang afwachten.

Noisy interludes by Casper and Tomas 💿