Oswald Moris’ second ‘Hidden Secret’ show on WAV and this time he’ll dive into his jazzfunk collection.
This show is open for public. Join us for a drink at Pixel café (inside the FOMU – Fotomuseum Antwerp).


  1. Vincent, Jamems: "Algernon II"
  2. Weather Report:"Tears"
  3. Niagara: "Terra Incognita"
  4. Oneness Of Juju: "Don't Give Up"
  5. Osterwald, Hazy Sextet: "New Mexico"
  6. Laine, Peter & The Nana's: "Mongo"
  7. Jones, Quincy & Thielemans, Toots: "Chump Change"
  8. Duke Of Burlington: "The Black Panther"
  9. Mansfield, Keith: "Exclusive Blend"
  10. Richford, Jay: "Going Home"
  11. Greger, Max & His Orchestra: "Soul Breeze"
  12. Bryant, Rusty: "Ga Gang Gang Goong"
  13. Hubbard, Freddie: "Windjammer"
  14. Airto Fogo: "Right On Bird"
  15. Paz: "Iron Works"
  16. Lee, John & Brown, Gerry: Infinite Jones
  17. Connors, Norman: "Laughter"
  18. Ju-Par Universal Orchestra: Flute Salad
  19. Seatrain: "Flute Thing"
  20. Sunbirds: "Spanish Sun"
  21. Cobham, Billy: "Total Eclipse"
  22. Gong:"Chandra"
  23. Cordon Blue:"Whirligig"
  24. Deodato:"Also Sprach Zarathustra" (2001)