Second show from Aarich & Bache Jespers on WAV. Expect good things.

From 21h till 23h !

The show is about the music we read about, listen to online, the music we find in record stores and re-discover in our private collection. There’s no conceptual idea in the compilation we assembled, only a certain mood, and musical references will jump from one track to another.


  1. Ursula Bogner: Trabant
  2. Les Baxter: Zambezi
  3. David Bowie: Five Years
  4. David Bowie: Weeping Wall
  5. Zespół Pieśni I Tańca Śląsk: Helokanie
  6. Steve Reich: Music For 18 Musicians
  7. Penguin Café Orchestra: More Milk
  8. Laurie Anderson: Excerpt From "Raft"
  9. Fred Frith: Too Much Too Little/Too Late
  10. Jah Wobble: Invaders Of The Heart (Bedroom Version)
  11. Yaseen Mohammed & Saada: Lala Mpenzi
  12. Jean Tinguely: Untitled (Sound Sculptures (Tate Gallery 1982))
  13. Jean-Claude Vannier: Les Amoureux Des Bancs Publics
  14. Jane Birkin: La Javanaise (A Capella)
  15. Pierre Schaeffer: Étude Aux Chemins De Fer
  16. Arvo Part - Alexei Lubimov: Fur Alina
  17. Thierry De Mey & Peter Vermeersch: Beweging II (Movement II)
  18. Latin Playboys: Dose
  19. Various ‎– Modern Mayan - The Indian Music Of Chiapas Mexico: Trumpet Choir
  20. Abner Jay: Mule
  21. Pim Pom: El Pardel
  22. Cecil Leuter (Roger Roger): Pop Electronique Nr. 8
  23. Denis Mpunga & Paul K.: Intermezzo II
  24. Robert Waytt: Schrink Rap
  25. Thomas Belhom: Pianomeka
  26. Jun Miyake: Lotus Isle
  27. Harmonia & Brian Eno: Les Demoiselles
  28. Samsimar: Indang Pariaman
  29. Antena: Camino Del Sol
  30. Ons Dorado-Carl Orff: Zwei Tänze
  31. Daniël Loddo - Claude Sicre: Lo Babau Me Pica (Batèsta)
  32. Moondog: Ray Malone Softshoe
  33. François De Roubaix: L’Antartique
  34. Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention: Help, I’m A Rock
  35. Arto Lindsay Trio: Looks Like You
  36. Sounds And Silence: An Aleatory Game (Classroom Projects - Incredible Music Made By Children In Schools)
  37. Mr. & Mrs Holley: "A Spoken Message On Tape To The Thousands Of Fans Of Buddy All Over The World, Sent In 1964 To The Dutch Branch Of The Buddy Holly Appreciation Society": Message From Mr. & Mrs Holley
  38. Buddy Holly: Well ... Alright
  39. Alain Goraguer: La Planète Sauvage – Deshominisation (II)(I)
  40. Hot Chocolate: Emma
  41. David Byrne: Light Bath (From The Broadway Production Of "The Catherine Wheel")
  42. King Sunny Ade: Ase (Bonus Beats)